04 Sep 2013

Nordic Sky Edition B&O PLAY Event

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Nordic Sky Edition fra B&O PLAY

B&O play

Bang & Olufsen butik københavn, Bang & Olufsen shop copenhagen

cupcakes, serenity cupcakes

Nordic Sky, BO Nordic Sky , Twilight, dawn, dusk

B&O play headphones, høretelefoner B&O

Nordic Sky Edition B&O PLAY

B&O bang og olufsen, ny butik B&O

Bang og olufsen headphones, B&O høretelefoner

A little while ago I was invited to the launch of B&O’s Nordic Sky Edition! I was excited, both as a musician, and I’m also relative of the Olufsen family, who started Bang & Olufsen, back in the day. The lovely new store welcomed us with bubbles and cupcakes, while we heard about the making of the new Nordic Sky. The music system BeoPlay A9 from B&O PLAY is a wireless music center and the new design that looks ombre styled, is inspired by Nordic summer nights.

The three variants are called Twilight, Dusk and Dawn and you can change the covers on them, so you can follow the seasons or your decor. My favorite is Dawn, with the light grey feet! It will cost 14,999 DKK and if you want more covers to switch in between, they cost 1,499 per piece. See more photos here.

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08 May 2013

Lisbeth Dahl The Porcelain Collection

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lisbeth dahl The Porcelain Collection, lisbeth dahl porcelæn

bloggere, københavn bloggere

Emili, Bibi & Kira

lisbeth dahl The Porcelain Collection, lisbeth dahl tekop, lisbeth dahl kop

lisbeth dahl Porcelain Collection, lisbeth dahl  kagefad, lisbeth dahl  kage stativ, lisbeth dahl  kage opsats, lisbeth dahl  te stel

cupcake making, serenity cupcakes, serenity kager, serenity cupcakes københavn

sødt porcelæn, mariehøne porcelæn, lisbeth dahl tallerken

stylist, cupcake, cupcakes københavn

the kande, tea kande, lisbeth dahl kande, tea pot

kaffekop lisbeth dahl, blomster kop

I love the new Lisbeth Dahl porcelain series! They also fitted in perfectly at Serenity Cupcakes, where the new Tea Sets were displayed. There are six different designs, from polka dots to stripes, ladybugs and flowers to bows and butterflies, so cute :) . I love that you can mix it up, and the beautiful cake centerpieces, I must get my hands on it! After we had a nice time with tea and cupcakes, there was a “Cupcake Battle”, 3 of us had to recreate one of Mariam’s cakes, uh I gotta practice some more, it was sweet Stine who won! You can shop the new lovely porcelain here and see more photos here.

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26 Mar 2013

Edith & Ella Event

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Moi & Emiliblog


I love Edith & Ella’s cute shop in Købmagergade :) . The store was in 1800, a glove maker, and filled with small drawers and a beautifully decorated ceiling, today the building is preserved. The other day they held an event, with a lot of cute girls. We tried on clothes, ate lovely cupcakes and heard about the summer collection from Edith & Ella. I’d already been lucky, and saw the fab collection in November, and it was a happy reunion with colors and floral prints and sandals. We were fortunate to get a nice piece to take home! Showing it soon on the blog :D . See more pictures here.

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07 Jul 2012

JEWLSCPH Pop-Up Store Event

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Last Tuesday jewelry designer Mai from JEWLSCPH, invited us to the opening reception in her Pop-up store in Bredgade 36. There were delicious Serenity Cupcakes, champagne and lots of beautiful jewelry! The shop is open throughout the month of July, you can see more here.

I am absolutely in love with the big green onyx earrings, which are surrounded by diamonds and cute braided silver bracelet with peace signs. See more pictures here.

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