01 Apr 2014

Natural Skin Care – Mádara DD Cream & Serum

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I have a little Sunday ritual, which is going to the Urtehuset’s café on G. Kongevej! Here I eat a healthy salad , a little raw cake and freshly squeezed juices while I work. And there I like to shop some natural skin care :) . This winter I’ve tested Mádara’s DD cream and Time Miracle Serum, and I’ve recently bought a Cloud Berry Oat Milk Hand & Body Soap, which I have with me in the bath, it smells so nice!

My skin has been a little turbulent, since I stopped with the pill after 10 years of use! So it is obviously that the skin goes a little crazy. But it seems that the serum, which includes sea buckthorn, blueberry, red clover has giving nutrition to my skin. DD cream , which stands for Daily Defense , has really moisturized and calmed my skin. In particular where there has been dry spots . It contains arctic berries and oils. And I’ve also started to eat even healthier and I’m taking daily Icelandic fish oil shoots, all of which helps to hydrate the skin from the inside and out! Do you use natural skin care products ? :) .

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4 Responses to “Natural Skin Care – Mádara DD Cream & Serum”

  1. Pia says:

    Jeg går meget op i økologisk hudpleje og produkter. Synes det er skræmende, så meget skidt der kan proppes i i cremer. Madara lyder meget fint, det må jeg kigge på næste gang i min helsebutik :)

  2. Marlene Kvistrup says:

    Du har jo så pæn ud! Må få prøvet madara, har hørt godt om mærket :)

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