28 Jan 2014

Detox suction cup treatment at NUI with SARD Kopenhagen

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Nui Copenhagen, Sara Maria Dyrberg

SARD Cellulite Oil, SARD kopenhagen, SARD kopenhagen detox behandling, SARD kopenhagen sugekop, SARD kopenhagen olie

nui cph, nui behandling, nui københavn, detox behandling

nui cph

nui cph

SARD kopenhagen kropsbehandlinger, SARD kopenhagen sugekopper

The month of January for many means a healthier lifestyle and care for the body and soul. Although it’s a long time before bikini season, it’s always a good idea to start now, especially if you suffer from cellulite, need tightened or detox the body, after all the Christmas festivities.

I was visiting skilled Sara Maria, that owns Nui Copenhagen. Here I’d should try a 1-hour detox treatment with SARD Kopenhagen Cellulite Oil Therapy!

Sara Maria started with the legs, the suction cups were dragged across the skin and the vacuum in the suction cup glass loosens the waste products from the connective tissue. It is therefore important to drink a lot of water afterwards, cause the waste products are excreted via urine and sweat. Then we worked on the stomach, butt and arms.

SARD Cellulite Oil Therapy consists of organic argan oil which is acting cell-rejuvenating and firming. There’s also added black pepper oil and green coffee oil, which helps to boost the metabolism in the tissue – this is where the waste products accumulate and form the cellulite. There is also algae extract and rosemary oil in which helps the separation of the waste products .

Some of the places were super sore, on me is was the arms and outer thighs. It varies from person to person. But it feels very effectively :) . After the treatment , my body felt warm, aas I had been to a workout! Some will have many bruises afterwards, I got one on my arm and a little headache, but when I drank a lot of water, it went away and I felt very comfortable :) .

You can supplement with making home treatments, with a SARD suction cup and oil that you can find here. Otherwise, I can really recommend  hopping on Sara Maria’s  couch, she offers everything from detox treatments, Japanese lifting and lashes.

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  1. Anna-Nathalie says:

    Gud hvor er hun smuk! :P

  2. Stinna says:

    Det lyder skønt med massage af appelsinhuden ;) . Det kunne jeg godt bruge!

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