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05 Mar 2010

I ♥ Sushi

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Kimono: second hand

Yesterday my sister and I made a hole lot of sushi, yummy! And of course the kimono had to come on :D .

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22 Feb 2010

Back from the weekend

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Maxi skirt: Second hand, Blouse: H&M

Hi sweeties, I’m back from the weekend in the summerhouse, lots of snow and good times :) .

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10 Feb 2010

Delance in Fringe Indie Magazine

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The editor in chief of Fringe Indie Magazine Flavia, was so kind to make and interview, which you can read in the new issue here. It’s a really cool and gorgeous looking online magazine about music, beauty, fashion and creativity.

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09 Feb 2010

Thank you!

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I just wanted to say many thanks to all you lovely readers! Discovered that I had over 400 followers and 40 at bloglovin’ so wild! Thanks for all your sweet comments. I visit all your blogs, but time has been a little short as I’m writing on my record and a newly created Community which has over 600 members now. Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you following  ;) .

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