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12 Nov 2014

On my table…

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Louise Kragh jewelry, Louise Kragh perler, Louise Kragh smykker, Louise Kragh perle øreringe

Braun Face facial epilator, ciate neglelak, jurlique, nilens jord hudpleje, marble book, marmor bog

Braun Face facial epilator, nilens jord skin tonic

Louise Kragh, Louise Kragh designer, Louise Kragh smykker, ciate neglelak

Here are some of my favorites at the moment! I am loving the beautiful pearl earrings from Louise Kragh. All her jewelry is handmade in Denmark and she only uses Sterling silver 925, and all the gilding is of high quality. They are available in silver, gold and rhodium-plated silver right here.

I’ve tried the new Braun Face facial epilator! It is super nice and easy to travel around with. It is a 2 in 1 product, combining deep pore cleansing  with facial epilation. I started with trying on the epilator on the arm, just to feel how it works before using it on my face. And wuuhii you can feel it! You have to just get used to it is 20 times faster than a manual tweezers, it removes hair quickly and efficiently! I tried it between the eyebrows, and a little on the upper lip, and voila the hair was gone!

You can switch the head out with a soft brush, which cleans the skin and helps to remove dirt and makeup. It makes the skin completely soft and I have used it with a face foam in the bath. In winter my skin quickly gets dry and dull to look at. It helps to exfoliate my skin, giving it a nice glow.

After using the face brush, I use the Nilens Jord skin tonic, which is free of alcohol and perfume. Then Jurlique’s Rose Moisture Plus Moisturising Cream, which among other things contains rose oil, extracts of green tea, grape seed and turmeric. It smells flowery good :) . Now that it’s winter weather, I use a little darker lacquer on the nails. Ciaté’s Iced Frappe is super pretty in a grey lavender hue.

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29 Oct 2014

Better Brush Routine Update

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tandbørstning, pæne tænder, nice smile

SmartSeries Pro 7000, oral-b SmartSeries Pro 7000,

oral b tandbørste, oral b tooth brush

Oral-B App

clean teeth, happy smile, oral b

tandlæge københavn

Now I have been testing the new Smart Series Pro 7000 from Oral-B for 3 weeks. I generally a fan of an electric toothbrush over a manual toothbrush. First, it keeps an eye on how long you brush your teeth, secondly, that you spend equal time on each side. Otherwise, you can have a tendency to brush inordinately to much on your “favorite” place and maybe forget an another area. It makes a buzz after 30 seconds, so you know that you need to change sides.

What makes Pro 7000 even more fun is the app you can download to complement it! Today I have for example, read about Lil Wayne (perhaps) very last album is delayed, seen the photos of the outer space and read the latest news on developments in Ukraine, all the while brushing my teeth. I also got the weather forecast, and the app reminds me to floss! It creates statistics on my routine that I can share with my dentist, so he can see the problem areas I have.

All in all I am very pleased with the test of the Oral-B Smart Series 7000 Pro, and the app makes it a bit more fun :D . Join me next week, where you can win your very own Oral-B electric toothbrush!

In collaboration with Oral-B

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15 Oct 2014

Bathroom vFavorites, Braces & Nice Teeth

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oral b, elektrisk tandbørste, badeværsels favoritter, eos shave cream, tandpasta, vichy

versace yellow diamond

pæne tænder

oral b SmartSeries Pro 7000, elektrisk tandbørste oral b, bluetooth app

Nice teeth means a lot to me! I have had braces as a child, and have had  a lot of teeth removed and surgery to get my wisdom teeth out. I simply had too many teeth :) . I don’t even dare to think about how my teeth would look if it had not been done! Although it was not always fun to have braces on in elementary school, I am SO glad that it had it done. Did you have braces?

I go to the dentist two times a year and have tried to get my teeth bleached and sandblasted them, yep you name it ;) . It’s not that I think teeth should be absolutely straight, I think that it can be very charming if they are a little crooked. However, I think that white teeth are stunning! I’m been really happy with my new Oral-B Smart Series Pro 7000 toothbrush, it reminds me to floss and updates me along the way with today’s weather forecast and news, which makes brushing goes super fast.

Other favorites from the bathroom are eos shave cream, it smells deliciously fruity and is easy to use to shave with. My favorite perfume is currently Versace Yellow Diamond, which my boyfriend bought me one of his business trips, I normally swear by Escada’s summer scents, but this one has taken the lead.

I use Vichy’s cleansing foam at night when I need to clean my makeup of, the foam is nice and contains extracts from the shea tree, which removes impurities. Alterna’s CC cream for the hair, is a new luxury for my hair, which provides moisture, shine and heat protection. Applie it to damp hair, includes caviar extract and vitamin C. And my favorite toothpaste is still Oral-B 3D white luxe, which removes up to 90% discoloration of the teeth, which is good for such a tea and latte drinker  like me :) .

In collaboration with Oral-B

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06 Oct 2014

Tooth Brushing with a new APP & Oral-B

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oral-b, bran tandbørste, oral b pro 7000

SmartSeries Pro 7000 oral b, oral b SmartSeries Pro 7000 tandbørste, oral b app

elektrisk tandbørste oral b, oral b app

oral p app

Today I’m begining on a new toothbrush routine! In collaboration with the Oral-B, I’m looking forward to test the brand new electric toothbrush, Smart Series Pro 7000! I’m a little gadget geeky and love to test new fun technological wonders :) .

Cause it is not just an ordinary electric toothbrush, it comes with an app, that tells you how to improve your brushing. Via Bluetooth it connects your smartphone to the toothbrush and comes with real-time feedback and entertainment while you’re brushing :) . The toothbrush has 7 features including, Whitening, Massage and Tongue Cleaning.

The brush heads can be changed and varied, on my it’s Oral-B’s premium brush head – Cross Action – which should remove up to 100% more plaque vs. a conventional manual toothbrush.

I’m excited to see if I can improve my brushing using the toothbrush and app! The app will, among other things, reminders you to use dental floss, alerts if brushed too hard, and says when it’s time to change the brush head. Ultimately, this hopefully leads to a less expense trip to the dentist :D . I hope so! We are probably all struggling  with “problem areas”, for me it’s the two back teeth in the upper jaw to the left, I am excited to see what the app says through the process, stay tuned!


In collaboration with Oral-B


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