08 Apr 2014

Beauty Box: Wavy Festival Hair with Artist Wave Maker

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Are you going to a music festival this summer? :) . I do not know if I’m going yet, but if I am, I will definitely make this look! Fab waves in your hair and of course some flowers ;) . The look is easy to make and keeps well for several days, you can freshen it up with some dry shampoo, it’s only cool, if it looks a bit “messy”.

I have used:

OBH Artist wave maker

Matas Salt Water Spray

John Frieda Secret Agent

How to do:

1. Part your hair into small strands and squeeze the wave iron around the strand. Starting from the top and down. Hold for 5-10 seconds at a time.

2. Once you have made waves throughout the hair, they just need to cool slightly before separating them.

3. Spray some salt spray in your hair, that way your waves get more structure.

4. Finish off with some Secret Agent cream, apply only at the tips, so your waves looks perfect.

5. Add some flowers in your hair and you’re ready to party and go to a music festival ❤.

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6 Responses to “Beauty Box: Wavy Festival Hair with Artist Wave Maker”

  1. Lullumut says:

    Smukke <3 Det ser alt for flot ud med de bølger :-)

  2. Jeanette K. says:

    Pænt :D Hvor har du blomsterkransen fra? (:

  3. Simone says:

    Flot!! Og perfekt til sommerfest <3

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