About Me


Born in the colorful 80′s by a Japanese mother and Danish father, I have 2 lovely sisters and live in Denmark. I have an office, showroom and my little music studio in central Copenhagen.

Music plays a big role in my life, and since I was a child I have written and composed music. I hope someday to publish my own soul/R’n'B album. In the meantime I keep myself going with various musical projects, working as a classical singer, singing gospel and a lot of other exciting projects.

Music and fashion goes together. I remember when I was 10-11 years old, listening to a Michael Jackson (R.I.P) cassette tape!! ;p “Dangerous” I was sold. Listened to that album non stop, my room was filled with posters from wall to wall, even got my mother to sow on black ribbons on my red shirt just like Michael, even had the hat and leather jacket ;p. That was my first music/fashion experience.

Since then I have started my own company, which spans over many things. In 2009 I started my personal blog – blog.delancefashion.com – where you can follow me to events, see today’s outfits, get styling tips and much more.

In 2010 I launched the international Delance Fashion Community – sort of a Facebook, but for fashion lovers – At the moment we are over 1700 members from around the world. And since then I’ve started a danish version of the site, which you can find here: Delance Fashion Community DK.

In 2011 I opened my own shop – shop.delancefashion.com – with clothes, jewelry and accessories, hand picked from all around the world, that adds edge and wow factor to the wardrobe of fashion aware women who are used to setting the trend.

Besides my own company I also work as Branch Manager for e.l.f. Cosmetics Denmark.

Hope you will follow my life as a singer, fashionista and much more :) .

Love Emilie