11 Aug 2014

Matching Lace Set

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Lace Set & Sandals: Zara

I love matching sets and lace! What better than to combine the two :) . I found the lace skirt and top on sale in Greece in Zara. My favorite briefcase, I always have with me to meetings, I got it from my bf a long time a go, and it’s my fave. The sandals are actually also from Zara, found at home in DK, also on sale. And  I tested a new beauty trend! Gold tattoos  :D or at least they stay until they are washed off again. They fit perfectly with my sandals, and I would do it again, for example for a summer party. You can see how I made them right here.

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06 Aug 2014

My Fashion Week

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modebloggere, fashion bloggers

Moi & Malsen

A little hello here from fashion week :) . Here I am with sweet Malsen at the Vision fair. We went to a lovely event, more about it soon! I’m going to some events, but not as much as I’m use to, because in the process of major projects at work :D . But remember you can follow instagram @emiliedelance and see some out and about pic’s. Blog too you later ;) .

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05 Aug 2014

Motivational Quotes

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motivation quote

be positive


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shortcuts quote

For me it is important to focus on positive thoughts and energy :) . I always save quotes that I find on my way. I look at them every day, they make me happy, motivate and remind me that everything will be all right!

When I was on vacation for 3 weeks, I had time to think and speculate about life – big words – but it was great! I have a busy life with employees, deadlines and so on. You can quickly forget to enjoy it and celebrate all the good progress and things that are happening, so I have decided to celebrate some more:D.

I also read an article that said “Do not fill your head with negative thoughts, then there is no room positive thoughts” so true! Do you have any fave quotes you want to share?

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04 Aug 2014

Saint Laurent Bag Cravings

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The last time I was in London, I had made ​​up my mind that I wanted to shop a new bag! But I was totally confused, I did not know which one I wanted, and ended up not buying one. Actually, I am looking for a medium sized bag I can use for everyday life and work. Now I’m totally in love with these bags from Saint Laurent, completely impractical and not an everyday bag, because of the small size, but the sigh! They are so fab! :) . I’ve never really been a brand kind a girl, but it may well be my age, now I’m actually wanting to spend money on ONE lovely designer bag (or two;)). Do you have a dream bag?

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01 Aug 2014

Ingredien – Care & Styling

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I’m really loving the Danish brand Ingredien! My hair requires some care, since it is curly, long and colored. I’ve tried a few different products from them and it’s just fab! And when I read Jan’s story of the brand, it all fell into place. Jan is himself a former hairdresser, and after personal problems with having children, he researched both the general problems concerning allergies and hormone disorders, that has long been linked with the ingredients of modern products and the risk of such fertility reduction, cancer, etc. All these hard facts gave Jan the urge to kick start Ingredien. Products that do not contain harmful and undesirable substances, and does not result in significant environmental impact and pollution. All the products are eco-labeled (except for the color products). Contains no parabens, allergenic dyes and preservatives, mineral oils, silicone oils, parafinolier, petrolatum, paraffin or other petrochemical ingredients.

Soft Treatment, smells so delicious, a bit of melon and pineapple! It really moisturizes my hair thoroughly and the texture is lovely.

After I got my hair colored, I want to prevent and tone down the red, and I have used SHOT-A-LOT Colorbomb shampoo and treatment for. It has been mixed by Ingredien so it fits in my hair.

Heat Protection Spray is a must for me as I often use straighteners and curling irons. Sparyen is easy and again a nice smell!

Sometimes I don’t use a styler, thenI hug a little Bonkey Bop Cream in my hair and let it air dry. If you have a little frizzy hair are like me, then it is justsogood, in particular here in the summer heat.

I love shine in my hair! Smoothing Styling Serum gathers my ends and gives shine to my curls, and that is always fab!

If you are looking to try something new for your hair, then I can certainly recommend that you try Ingredien.

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