23 Feb 2015

12 Year Anniversary

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blomster, årsdag

12 år

Aww thank you for all the sweet messages on instagram and facebook Friday! :D I can’t quite even believe that it has been 12 years since I first met my boyfriend! On one hand,  time just flew by and on the other hand, I’m still very much in love. We have experienced many things together, traveled around Africa, Greece, Portugal and Ukraine. The latter we also started an office in Kiev, a few years ago. It is handy to have your own IT development, especially with our new company glow:repeat :) . He is not afraid of the unknown is always positive, and it is contagious :) . Thank you for 12 years, lets take 12 more ❤.

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19 Feb 2015

#onfire & Gala Premiere

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mr. grey,

50 shades of grey, gallapremieres københavn, mr. grey,

As you mayby saw on insta and the blog, my irls and I was invited to the gala premiere of the much talked about 50 Shades of Grey! We got ready at the Beauty Academy CPH,  so cozy with makeup, music and champagne :D .

All dressed in black, we took off and was greeted by a lookalike Mr. Grey, he must have had a tough night, with all the ladies ^_^. But before we emerged into the darkness of the cinema, there were more bubbles, snacks and networking. However, there was also another thing, candles all over the place! Which meant, when I had to step back, I could see a flame shooting up from my head, omg I’m on fire!!!

Luckily Hanne was quick to put me out and there nothing happend, but I got my hair trimmed- luckily there is so much of it, that you can’t see it. What an entrance! Afterwards I smelled slightly of burned popcorn, hihi well thank God nothing seriously happened ;).

Back to the movie, I was probably more – literally – #onfire than the film itself, but as some of you know I’m more into Sci-Fi, thriller and adventures. I have not read the books, but was told that they were better than the movie, have you’ve read or seen the film?


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17 Feb 2015

The past week…Mr. Grey, A Magical Concert & Exciting Meetings

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I really love our new offices at Landgreven! There is a huge rooftop terrace with a view over Copenhagen, I am looking forward to hosting summer parties up there: D

beauty klubben, skønhedsunivers, skønhedsforum, dansk community, dansk skønhedsforum

We also just opened a Danish and a Swedish beauty forum! Here you can mingle with other members, discuss beauty – what works and what does not, win gifts and more! See the Danish site here: beautyklubben.dk and Swedish site here: beautyklubben.se.

coffee, instax, fujifilm, polaroid billede, polaroid picture, latte, selvstændig kvinde

I have had some really exciting meetings!! And this week is filled with even more :D . We can really feel that there is a great requests on Social Marketing in our new company glow:repeat. glow: repeat® is part of a quiet revolution in marketing that creates communities, followers, spot trends, and build lasting relationships between consumers and brands in a way the world has never seen before. I look forward to sharing all the good news with you!

black dress, 50 shades of grey, gallapremiere på 50 Shades of Grey københavn, gala premiere 50 Shades of Grey copenhagen

I was with all my glow: repeat & Beauty Academy CPH girls at the gala premiere of 50 Shades of Grey. Let me put it this way, I was more  #onfire than the film hahah, explanation will follow tomorrow ^ _ ^.

friis og co, fr//s, leopard taske, leopard pung, leopard makeup pung, friis taske, friis leopard clutch

Part of my job is to taking pictures and creating a visual identity for brands, it’s really something I love! Here it is for my customer FR// S, which has some really fab shoes and bags! I do love leopard, and the bag is perfect for makeup and an evening out.

olafur arnalds, dr koncerthus, olafur arnalds københavn

Last Friday, my lovely bf invited me to a pre-Valentine’s date! We went to see Ólafur Arnalds in DR’s Concert Hall and wow he is absolutely fantastic! My boyfriend randomly discoverd the album “For now I’m winter” and we’ve heard it while we have worked long nights at the office. The music is cinematic, a mix between classical and rhythms, filled with soul! It was just so cool to see that the hall was packed and there was just something magical about the concert.

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16 Feb 2015

Vegesentials Juice Detox

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Vegesentials Juice Detox, juicekur, juicedetox, juice detox 4 dage, juice detox 4 days, Vegesentials Juice,

Vegesentials orange juice, Vegesentials

Vegesentials grøn juice, Vegesentials green juice

Vegesentials rød juice, Vegesentials red juice, Vegesentials rødbedejuice

Yes I did it! 4 days on Vegesentials juice! You can read about the first two days here.

Day 3.

It is not recommended to do a hard workouts, while on a juice detox, but I thought that a quiet pilates workout would be ok. So on the third day of my juice diet, I jumped to the gym in the morning and took an hour. Luckily it was not too hard, but I could fell that there wasn’t much strength in my muscles. When I came into my office, I began to freeze so much! Although I had puy on a extra sweater and scarf. However it was better towards the day when I ate some blueberries and coconut and drank a cup of tea, in addition to the juice. My fave is definitely the red, I’m crazy about beetroots :D .

I think the third day was the hardest. It was hard to concentrate, but it was not because I felt a huge hunger and the juice held my blood sugar steady. There was at no time where I felt that I was about to go sugar cold, but I could feel that my body was quickly tired. In bed early and ready for the last day!

Day 4.

I woke up the next morning and whole body was aching! I thought that the pilates workout wasen’t that hard, but yikes all my muscles are sore. I starting with a mixture of the green juice and the orange, it tastes very good to mix them together. On the fourth day I’m not that good of friends with the green all by it’s self  - it is after all, kale – and I google that you can mix a little almond milk in it to soften it up. And yummy that tastes good :D . I still have difficulty with concentrating, and eat a little fruit and vegetables to supplementt he juice, hoping that I will get some more energy for my brain. But home early to bed is the solution. I’m no social butterfly being on a juice detox, but it’s still worth it.

The result

The next morning I jump on the scale and I have lost 3,2 kg. Wow that’s much in just 4 days, now I can better understand why I froze so much! Of course, the biggest portion of it is liquid, but the body feels good. I can see that the skin on my legs and arms look much better and my stomach is completely flat. Yes I did it and it is celebrated with fruit salad and rye bread :) . I would do it again and occasionally take a day just on Vegesentials juice, they taste really good, and you feel that you fill yourself with good vitamins.


If you need to juice detox, do so in a period where you can keep calm. It is tiring and you’ll need to sleep a little extra, because the body is in the process of cleansing.

Mix the juices with each other to diversify the flavor slightly. Use some almond milk in the green juice if you think it’s hard to drink alone.

Is it hard not to munch on something, try some blueberries, coconut or slices of veggies.

Remember to drink a lot of water. I drank sparkling water and herbal teas.

I think it’s a great alternative to squeezing your own juice. First of all I don’t  remember to buy all the fruits and veggies I need, secondly I don’t get to do juices for a full day. Then it’s just perfect that you can buy Vegesentials raw juice. I still drink them as a snack or for breakfast if I’m busy and don’t have time to eat breakfast. You can find Vegesentials juices in Irma for 50 DKK a pop.

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11 Feb 2015


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50 shades of grey, fifty shades of grey, gala premiere copenhagen shades of grey, gallapremiere københavn fifty shades of grey, mr. grey

… all my glow:repeat girls and I to the gala premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey! I have not read the books, I most admit I’m more is a sci-fi, action, thriller kind a girl – am I the only one who is happy that Walking Dead is back? ^ _ ^. But it’s going to be so much fun, getting ready and having fun with the girls. But what to wear? Check back on  insta later, I may need your help to decide. Are you digging Mr. Grey?

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