03 Apr 2014

Fashion Resales Event

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Fashion Resales Event

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fashion resales event, fashion resales blogger event

The other day I was an a cozy event at Fashion Resales! In their showroom in the heart of Copenhagen, it’s filled with wonderful 2nd hand stuff! Everything from fine shoes, silk dresses, colorful pants and fab jackets. We got delicious food from Wagamama, while Ditte and Christina talked about the concept.

They will sell second hand clothes, shoes and accessories for women who do not have the time to do it them selves. And that’s something I can relate to :) . I really have a lot of clothes lying around that need a new loving home. But unfortunately I don’t have the time, therefore Fashion Resales just perfect!

They work with the Youth Red Cross and support their amazing work that makes a difference to children and young people . To raise as much money as possible in a good cause , they’ve gotten a lot of cool women as ambassadors, they all donate their profits from the sale of their stuff for charity. Among others,, Julie Fagerholt , Caroline Fleming and Charlotte Eskildsen, you can be lucky to get some of their cool clothes!

You can see more on fashion- resales.dk. What do you do with the clothes you have lying around? :) . I must soon collet some boxes for Ditte and Christina, and you can too if you’d like!


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02 Apr 2014

2# Consultation at Altid-Slank – 21 cm in a week!

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skyr med frugt og nødder, skyr with fruit and nuts

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Omg this is awesome! Last Friday I went to my 2nd consultation with Gitte from altid-slank.dk. And I’ve lost 21 cm in a week :D . As I told you the last time, I walk around with too much water in my body. I have dropped my usual lattés with sweetener replaced my bars filled with sweetener, with dried fruit and nuts, and of course eating a lot of greens! I’ve even tried runing a bit :) . And wow, it’s already starting to work, I must say. Even at events , I have turned down cupcakes and champagne. I’ve been out to dinner, and selected fish and vegetables instead of fries and burger.

Since I work a lot and I’m often out, come home late , it has truly been a life saver, to have nuts and dried fruit in my bag. As well as choosing healthy takeaway options, such as Raw 42 salads, salad from Smag and grabbing freshly squeezed juices and smoothies from various cafes. I feel so good in my body and I’m really happy for such a big awakening regarding artificial sweetener! I can’t belive it’s one of the reasons for all my extra water I’v been holding on my body! I’m going to Gitte again in two weeks and I can’t wait to see what has happened. Let me know if you have any questions, I will try to answer them the best I can :) .

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01 Apr 2014

Natural Skin Care – Mádara DD Cream & Serum

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madara TIME MIRACLE SERUM, madara dd creme, dd cream, madara Daily Defence Cream

I have a little Sunday ritual, which is going to the Urtehuset’s café on G. Kongevej! Here I eat a healthy salad , a little raw cake and freshly squeezed juices while I work. And there I like to shop some natural skin care :) . This winter I’ve tested Mádara’s DD cream and Time Miracle Serum, and I’ve recently bought a Cloud Berry Oat Milk Hand & Body Soap, which I have with me in the bath, it smells so nice!

My skin has been a little turbulent, since I stopped with the pill after 10 years of use! So it is obviously that the skin goes a little crazy. But it seems that the serum, which includes sea buckthorn, blueberry, red clover has giving nutrition to my skin. DD cream , which stands for Daily Defense , has really moisturized and calmed my skin. In particular where there has been dry spots . It contains arctic berries and oils. And I’ve also started to eat even healthier and I’m taking daily Icelandic fish oil shoots, all of which helps to hydrate the skin from the inside and out! Do you use natural skin care products ? :) .

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31 Mar 2014

Hair Inspo – Golden Shades

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This afternoon I’m going to visit the skilled Ofia, she a salon on Frederiksberg! Cause I’m going to have a hair makeover :D . Is both excited and a little nervous! I don’t go to the hairdressers that often, I think the last time I went, was over 1 year ago. I’m hoping for a little J.Lo’ish colours, which would be fab for the summer! And maybe side swept bangs! I’ve been thinking about it for a 100 years, but don’t know if I’m going to take the plunge. I need to hear Ofia, what will suit me. Here are some beautiful ladies, whose hair I think is quite delicious! Watch later on Instagram, where I’m posting from Ofia’s Salon :) .

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27 Mar 2014

Animalicious Swimwear

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hm badetøj, højtaljet bikini, leopard bikini, leopard print bikini, animal print bikini, swimwear 2014, summer 2014 swimwear, badetøj 2014, hm badetøj, high waisted bikini, tiger badedragt, tiger bathing suit, sun dress, strandkjole hm

I can not wait to jump into a swimsuit! But while we wait for a little warmer weather, I’ve looked at these “wild” styles from H&M. I’m loving the high-waisted leopard bikini with the matching sun dress :D . Or the burnt orange bikini – the top is really fab – would also be nice with a sun-kissed tan. It’s all soon in stores.

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