04 Feb 2015

Interview in The Guardian

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The other day an e-mail ticked in from a journalist at The Guardian. I had heard about the newspaper before, but it was only when my boyfriend said that it is one of the UK’s largest newspapers that I thought, wow how cool! I had a chat with them about Danish fashion, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and bicycles  :). It was fun to hear the journalist Helen’s story about what Englishman think about Danes, for example Danes have to wear big scarves otherwise their heads would fall ^ _ ^ haha I had not  heard about that before, but yes because of the cold and Scandi fashion, many of us wear huge scarves, however, not as huge as Lenny Kravitz (see it here ;) ). You can read the full article from The Guardian here.

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03 Feb 2015

My design collaboration with Kudibal

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 There are so many amazing things happening these days! As some of you saw last December on instagram, Malsen, Rikke May and I embarked on an exciting project with Kudibal. Last Friday the collab was unveiled, during an event at Copenhagen Fashion Week! We have all three designed a scarf :D . I am so proud  to have made my very first design collaboration! I hope you like it, and want to support a good cause, all of our work is done for charity ❤.

10% of the sales of my scarves goes to a charity – I have chosen Save The Orangutans – the scarf wil be in stores around July/August along with the rest of Kudibal’s AW15 collection , there will also be an event which I hope you will join, stay tuned! Here is a mini interview that Starklint did,  you can read more about the background of the collab :) .


How did you find inspiration for your design?

Inspired by Kudibal’s AW15 collection called “The Traveller” – a Scandinavian woman’s journey through Peru. It made me think of a beautiful bird that flies through an exotic landscape, and I would like to illustrate that in my design. Peru contains over 1800 species of birds, the second highest number in the world. My scarf is minimalistic, with a modern touch. Wings that embrace you and takes you on an adventure!

Why did you choose to be a part of this project with Dea Kudibal?

I was lucky enough to meet Dea Kudibal and her wonderful team during Copenhagen Fashion Week last year. Dea’s story about the early years and now the great success that Kudibal is today, is a great inspiration! She is both tough and brave and I admire her spirit of adventure, which has now taken her to China. And I love the delicious silk, wool and cashmere qualities that Kudibal uses. The design is feminine, with beautiful prints, rich colors and great fit.
What organization / purpose have you chosen to support?


Why? What is the basis for your choice of this particular organization?

Ever since I first saw the documentary about Lone & the orangutans, it touched me deeply how much one enthusiast can make a difference! I’m a big animal lover and very much look up to people like Lone, that are full of dedication and perseverance. Each year thousands of orangutans  disappear, when the rainforest in Borneo is cut down, that has made the wild orangutan threatened with extinction. An young orangutan needs as much care and contact as a human baby. After a long process, they are ready to return to a life of freedom. It’s an incredibly vulnerable and demanding process. In addition to helping baby orangutans, Save The Orangutans also help saving large areas of rainforest, as well as to assist and train local people so that they find alternative ways to make use of natural resources, without cutting down so many trees.

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02 Feb 2015

FR//S Event #glowrepeat

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Photos by: Anders Andersen Photography

Copenhagen Fashion Week is over! And wow I´m just happy :D . I have organized major events for e.l.f. Cosmetics before, both for customers, press and bloggers, and was SO excited to hold our very first event, with my new Social Marketing Agency glow:repeat.

I just want to say a big thank you for joining us! It was quite overwhelming :D . Over 90 participants came to our FR//S event at CIFF. We had a good time, looked at the new cool AW15 collection from FR//S, took a lot selfies with FujiFilm Instax mini 90 and had some sparkling bubbles.

Thank you to all my glow:repeat girls, Malene, Hanne, Melanie and Wera and the fab FR//S team! Anders took a lot of pictures, you can see them all here.

We have several exciting things on the way, I can’t wait for all the new adventures!

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28 Jan 2015

A chapter is over & a new adventure begins!

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As many of you know, the past two years I have enjoyed the privilege to lead e.l.f. Cosmetics in Scandinavia.

It has been a fantastic  experience. With a growth from 0 to over 17,000 club members 120,000 followers on social media and over 40,000 blog comments in just 18 months, I and my Danish, Swedish and Norwegian girls along with our amazing customers, have broken all records for customer engagement and online community in the north.

And in fact, almost before doing a Victory Round, e.l.f. has been overtaken by its own success. The Group has been bought for a billion dollar amount and the strategy has changed. This means that the European marketing in 32 countries is pulled back to UK.

Therefore I now leave the steering wheel with my English colleagues and pursue another dream that has been a long time coming. Together with my partner for 12 years (both commercial and private) we are opening a new agency.

glow: repeat® is a ‘social marketing’ agency that reinvents marketing at a time when traditional one-size-fits-all mass communication is overshined by consumers that choose and consume information in a highly qualified personal mix. We are part of a quiet revolution in marketing that creates communities, followers, spot trends, and build lasting relationships between consumers and brands in a way the world has never seen before.

Even before we are officially opened, we are already welcoming new exciting customers. Meet us  together with the new FR//S during fashion week.

New is not difficult in marketing – doing it right is. Call or visit us at our new fantastic premises at Landgreven 7 for a chat, or if you have a brand that you would like for us to look at together.

P.S. Beauty Academy CPH will of course continue. Also see our new beauty clubs on beautyklubben.dk and beautyklubben.se.

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26 Jan 2015

Dinner Date at Verandah

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Verandah københavn

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The Standards tre restauranter er Verandah, som drives af holdet bag ét-stjernede Trishna i Londo

Verandah restaurant copenhagen

Did you know that today January 26 is India’s national day? I didn’t before that I was invited to a delicious dinner at the Verandah! Last Thursday I took my boyfriend by the arm and we walked down to The Standard, which among others, also houses the Indian restaurant Verandah.

We were greeted by a smiling staff and started with a delicious drink and papadums. I love ginger and the drink sour Quinine was filled with it! After a long working day, I could quickly feel it ;) . We dived into our 3 course theater menu + wine menu, which started with scallops and a delicious glass of white wine, yummy. The lovely part was, that between each dish, there was a in between dish! After first course, a little rice ball arrived and a short glass with soup before the main course – which in my case was different squash plants in a delicious sauce, while my boyfriend got Ambot Tik Pork. There were a lot of great accessories, favorite naan bread, sprouts salad – Verandah is contemporary pan-Indian food with an emphasis on regional, seasonal produce, therefore sprouts :) – potatoes in tomato sauce, basmati rice, lens sauce and vino.

Then came the final, first some mango icecream, which was a pre-dessert dish – I think there should always be a pre-desset :D – and then the dessert, which was an Indian cake with coconut ice cream and a glass of bubbles, and finally a some tasty nuts  and chai tea. The place is very finely decorated with small mirrors, pretty sofas, soft lighting and a look to the water. Definitely worth a visit!

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