08 Dec 2014

Get a makeover, join a ladies night & contouring class!

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Aften Glam HairStyling LadiesNight Makeup SmokeyEyes

Yay! I am so proud of our Beauty Academy CPH! We just trained 6 super talented girls who all have given us 5 stars! Aww I am SO happy :D .

We are now opening up for makeovers and workshops, so that everyone can come and see Beauty Academy CPH’s amazing atmosphere!

Maybe a Christmas gift idea for your friend, sister, mother or girlfriend :) .

Beauty Academy CPH is Copenhagen’s new exclusive beauty universe! We have a nice bright venue in the middle of City, only 150m from Kongens Nytorv.

If you like stardust, fashion and beauty then Beauty Academy CPH is just a place for you! Here you can join the exciting workshops and makeovers. There is something for everyone, both hairstyling, contouring class, smokey eyes lessons & yummy mummy workshop.

If you wanna treat yourself or someone you love, you can also book an appointment for a personal beauty makeover. Or maybe have some fun with a Ladies Night with the girls, it’s the perfect start for a night out!

See more about the workshops & makeovers here:

Workshops (3 hours)

Glam Hårstylings Workshop
Contouring Workshop
Smokey Eyes Workshop
Yummy Mummy Workshop
Ladies Night

Workshops (6 hours)

Makeup Workshop
Hårstylings Workshop


Here you can book a personal session with one of our Beauty experts:

Day Makeup
Evening Makeup
Hair Styling
Beauty Makeover – Hair & Makeup
Deluxe Beauty Makeover with coaching – Hair & Makeup

And as a thank you to all the beautiful models that I am fortunate to know! Beautiful Sandra, Rikke May, Christina, Julia, Wera and my little sister Aja ❤.

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03 Dec 2014

Work Life Balance #8

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Time just flies by! Since last we spoke, I have become a year older (thanks for all the sweet messages on insta & face :) ). I have not even had time to celebrate it yet, buuut I’m hoping for some late B-day cake this weekend :D . I have never been so busy in my life, and I’m so looking forward to SOON revealing my latest project ^ _ ^. When I think the days are getting a little too long, I read articles about other self-employed, for example on pluse.me and find inspirational quotes that makes me gives that extra mile!

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18 Nov 2014

Fitness Protein Pancakes

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PROTEIN PANDEKAGEMIX, fitnessguru One Pancake, ,

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one pancake fitness, protein pancakes, fitness pancakes, easy pancakes, nemme pandekager

I love pancakes! Especially the rich and soft American ones :p. But they are not exactly healthy. Therefore, I have been looking forward to trying the new protein pancake mixe from FitnessGuru! They are super easy to make, a scoop of powder (about 37 grams) and 1 cup water or milk, mix it up and fry on a pan or in a waffle iron. It will make you two pancakes and about 146 cal. in total. Now these were for weekend coziness, so I added some peanut butter, banana and honey :D . Otherwise, they are just easy to take with you on the go and they fill you up fast! I thought I could easily eat more, so I actually did a double portion, but had to save the rest, after the first two were eaten. Two pancakes contains 12.8 grams of protein, good if you train a lot or do not remember to eat enough meat and beans. You can find One Pancake mix right here.

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14 Nov 2014

The lucky winner is…

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Thanks to all of you who participated! The lucky winner is Dana! Big congrats :) . I’ll send an email to you shortly. Stay tuned for more gifts on the blog ❤.

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12 Nov 2014

On my table…

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Louise Kragh jewelry, Louise Kragh perler, Louise Kragh smykker, Louise Kragh perle øreringe

Braun Face facial epilator, ciate neglelak, jurlique, nilens jord hudpleje, marble book, marmor bog

Braun Face facial epilator, nilens jord skin tonic

Louise Kragh, Louise Kragh designer, Louise Kragh smykker, ciate neglelak

Here are some of my favorites at the moment! I am loving the beautiful pearl earrings from Louise Kragh. All her jewelry is handmade in Denmark and she only uses Sterling silver 925, and all the gilding is of high quality. They are available in silver, gold and rhodium-plated silver right here.

I’ve tried the new Braun Face facial epilator! It is super nice and easy to travel around with. It is a 2 in 1 product, combining deep pore cleansing  with facial epilation. I started with trying on the epilator on the arm, just to feel how it works before using it on my face. And wuuhii you can feel it! You have to just get used to it is 20 times faster than a manual tweezers, it removes hair quickly and efficiently! I tried it between the eyebrows, and a little on the upper lip, and voila the hair was gone!

You can switch the head out with a soft brush, which cleans the skin and helps to remove dirt and makeup. It makes the skin completely soft and I have used it with a face foam in the bath. In winter my skin quickly gets dry and dull to look at. It helps to exfoliate my skin, giving it a nice glow.

After using the face brush, I use the Nilens Jord skin tonic, which is free of alcohol and perfume. Then Jurlique’s Rose Moisture Plus Moisturising Cream, which among other things contains rose oil, extracts of green tea, grape seed and turmeric. It smells flowery good :) . Now that it’s winter weather, I use a little darker lacquer on the nails. Ciaté’s Iced Frappe is super pretty in a grey lavender hue.

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