06 Jan 2015

A New Year & New Big Dreams!

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big dreams

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you have had a good start into 2015 :) . Here at my office, I’ve been busy with work and exciting new projects. I’m not good at sitting still, and besides e.l.f. Cosmetics, Beauty Academy CPH and the blog, I’m working on new thing. I can soon reveal more, and I am really looking forward to this new year.

The new year also means reflection and thoughts on the past year. The end of a year and the beginning of a new one, I think it’s always filled with both melancholy and excitement. Melancholy because time goes by so fast, you got achieve what you wanted? What will the future bring? Excitement because it is up to you to achieve the goals you set out. Big dreams, requires hard work, but you can achieve everything you want!

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions? Mine is to be even more positive, one of my employees said; “Can you be more any more positive?” Implied that she thinks I am always happy and positive :) . And yes I am for the most part, but you can always improve! One’s thought pattern just rolls along, often in much of the same and many of you know it yourself. You can fill his head with “What if it fails?”, “What if it goes wrong?” and so on.

I try every day to fill my head with positive energy and thoughts. Without being super spiritual, I believe that the energy you emit means a lot to the people you surround yourself with. Therefore it is important that what you think, also is what you radiate. To rest in your own skin, have energy and a enjoying life.

“I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened” – Mark Twain.

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24 Dec 2014

Merry Christmas!

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julehjerte, chokolade hjerte

dansk julehjerte, chokolade julehjerte, bolig blog

Merry Christmas everyone :D . I worked hard on some new exciting things for the coming year, I’m so looking forward to telling you more! Now I’m off to the family, can not wait to hang out, eat good food and be with all my loved ones <3 I hope you will have a lovely evening :) . See you after the Christmas duck and rice à l’amande!

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16 Dec 2014

Secret Project – Coming Up!

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paisley print, kudibal, paisley print sæt, paisley print bukser og skjorte, paisley print set

dea kudibal, kudibal aw15

Vicki Bjerknes

christmas cupcakes, julecupcakes, royal copenhagen

kudibal scarf, tørklæde kudibal

rikke may

kudibal guld sæt, kudibal brokadestof

sweater med blondekant, sweater with lace trim, black lace sweater, sweater med blonder

Maybe you saw my updates on Instagram last week? Yay I’m just so excited about an upcoming project that I am fortunate to be a part of with Rikke May, Malsen, Starklint and Kudibal. But before I can reveal what it’s all about, I just wanna show you a little of the coming collection from Kudibal AW15.

I’m just absolutely loving the beautiful paisley print set that Kudibal are doing! It is made of comfortable stretch silk, so lovely to wear. There are also warm sweaters with lace details on the back, gold brocade (on my wish list) and cute scarves. You can see more pictures here.

And stay tuned for more updates on this cool project, it’s a secret a little longer ;) .

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15 Dec 2014

Anti-Ageing Beauty Products

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beauty blogger, skønhedsblog, københavn blog skønhed

I celebrated my Birthday not so long a go, and being over 30, makes you think more about caring for your skin, at least I do :) . However, I would like to do it in the most natural way as possible! Right now I’m taking daily Vitavia’s “Wrinkles Away” just the title gives me great hope :) . The nutritional supplement contains, among other things, collagen, hyaluronic acid and a powerful combination of antioxidants including resveratrol, grape seed, green tea and alpha lipoin acid, all of which are nutrients that contribute to a  healthier, more glowing and younger skin. I’ll report back in a few weeks, and tell you the effect.

Moisture, moisture, moisture! It is essential to keep the skin bright and beautiful. 2 times a week, I use Beauté Pacifique Masque Soyeux Hydratant. Let in sit for 5-10 minutes, it rebuilds and lifts the moisture level in the skin. I also love the serums and oils, right now my favorite is Madara Age Recovery Oil, which contains 10 sparkling dry oils, among others, tomato, Rowan berries, carrot, cranberry seeds, raspberry and strawberry seeds, that reduce sun damage and activates the skin’s own regenerative properties . Packed with antioxidants from blackcurrant, St. John’s wort and buckthorn, which protects skin cells from environmental influences.

That was 3 of my anti-aging tips ;) . To see more, you can read my article on Scandinavia Standard: CAPSULE COLLECTION: SCANDINAVIAN WOMAN’S BEAUTY.

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11 Dec 2014

Blue Palms Outfit

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asos outfit, asos, asos blogger, two piece set

Fashion Union Scuba Crop Top In Palm Print, Fashion Union Scuba skirt In Palm Print

aldo blue suede pumps, aldo shoes

to delt sæt, nederdel og top sæt, matchende sæt, cropped top and skirt, asos matchy

fashion blog, modeblog københavn

Two piece set: Asos – Pumps: Aldo

Yay I’m so happy with my new two-piece set from Asos! My sweet boyfriend had been peaking at my wishlist, and had among others bought it for me for my birthday :D . Palm print is always a hit with me and the colors of blue and purple tones, perfectly suited to my Aldo pumps, I love it! Sweet Melanie, who is our new Junior Academy Assistant, was sweet to capture today’s outfit in the cold ❤.

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