08 Jul 2014

This Year’s Spectacle Look 2014 – Louis Nielsen Photoshoot

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åretsbrille look 2014, louis nielsen, herre model, photo shoot

åretsbrille look louis nielsen

louis nielsen briller, louis nielsen 2014

herrestyling, mandlig model, male grooming

jonas jensen  fotostudie

jonas jensen fotograf

åretsbrille look 2014, louis nielsen årets brille look 2014

louis nielsen model, åretsbrille look 2014, jonas jensen

Last photo by Jonas Jensen

Last Sunday I was fortunate to spend the day with a lot of wonderful bloggers and super sweet Anders, who is a semi-finalist for this year’s Specsavers Look at Louis Nielsen. I was excited, I had not tried to style a gentleman before! But that was a easy job, cause Anders is a nice and sweet guy ;) . Anders lives in Viborg with his girlfriend, has just becoma a farther and works daily with children and adolescents. Therefore, it would mean a great deal to him if he won this year’s Specsavers Look, the prize is a trip to Tanzania to visit Louis Nielsen’s charity project. They help, among others, young people to get glasses so they can see and improve their quality of life.

Anders had never done a photo shoot before, but he was just like a pro! As you can see in the last picture taken by Jonas Jensen, he does look totally model-like :) . I would be so happy if you would vote for Anderes and I am right here. Many thanks for your help!


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01 Jul 2014

Morning Coffee & Fruit

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Carte Noire, Carte Noire kaffe, morgenmad, rød grape frugt, red grape fruit

 CitiZ&Milk Limousine Black, nespresso kaffemaskine,  CitiZ&Milk Limousine Black kaffemaskine

latte, lav selv kaffe, god morgen kaffe

Carte Noire no 7


morgenmad, madblog, food blog

I am so excited about my new coffee maker, that it must be shown :D . I usually get up really early, because I catch an early fitness class, before the day really begins. Therefore, it is so nice to get up, eat some fruit and make a nice cup of coffee right from the start! It only takes a couple of minutes to make a latte, and the fresh smell of coffee is spreading rapidly in the room. A little milk in the milk foamer and voilà a latte is ready. My model is called CitiZ & Milk Limousine Black, and it is super easy to clean and it’s just so delicious with the milk foamer that comes with it. I have tasted some different Carte Noire capsules and No. 7 Espresso Aromatique is a delicious medium strength coffee. Made of 100% Arabica beans, with a hint of cocoa, yummy! Do you have a favorite coffee? :) .

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25 Jun 2014

pHformula Skin Resurfacing treatment

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pHformula Skin Resurfacing, pHformula skincare, pHformula hudpleje


Skin Resurfacing

Pure & simple, Pure & simple makeup artist

pHformula Skin Resurfacing  behandling, pHformula Skin Resurfacing  treatment

Skin Resurfacing treatment, skønhedsbehandling, beauty treatment

It’s always exciting to try beauty treatments, it’s great to give the skin a boost and get some glow back. I have been by Pure & Simple, located just at Vesterport. Here I tried a treatment with pHformula called Skin Resurfacing. There are four targeted treatments, anti-aging, pigmentation changes, acne and one for rosacea. I tried the last one, since I have sensitive skin and once in a while struggling with a rash. My face was cleansed, peeled and I got a lovely mask on before I was mosturized and had a touch up by a makeup artist at Pure & Simple.

pHformula is a Spanish-owned family business that is run by Fernando Bouffard, PhD, who is a pharmacist and fourth generation in the family business. The products are paraben and coloring agents free. You can see more about it here. I could immediately see some extra glow in my face and although I have sensitive skin, it diden’t flush up, and my skin felt moisturized and lovely.

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24 Jun 2014

Louisa Lorang Juice & Co.

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louisa lorang, louisa lorang juice, louisa lorang smoothie, louisa lorang Juice & co.

louisa lorang

louisa lorang juice bog, louisa lorang juice og co, opskrift louisa lorang


Frk. Vilstrup

juice event, louisa lorang juice event



juice smoothie bog

louisa lorang

juice opskrifter

Yummy juices and smoothies are just the best! Sweet Louisa Lorang welcomed us a couple of weeks ago, at event in honor of her new book Juice & Co. The book is filled with beautiful photographs and delicious recipes. As Louisa says she loves croissants, vino, chocolate and cake. But once in a while it’s nice to “start afresh”. She does so by juicing a lot! It helps the sugar cravings, but she stresses it is not a diet, but it resets and energizes you!
Yum we got to sample a lot different tastes, both in hemp, chocolate, mint, fresh turmeric and much more, so delicious :D . I can’t wait to try making new combinations of shakes and juices. The book costs 150 DKK, and you can find it right here.



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23 Jun 2014

Jabra Event

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Jabra Solemate, Jabra Solemate mini, Jabra Solemate højtaler, rejse højtaler

Jabra REVO Wireless

christiane vejlø

jabra soulmate gul

ida corr

guitat, toldboden

Jabra REVO Wireless

jabra pr, jabbra marketing

toldboden mad, toldboden resturant


frokost toldbode, lunch toldboden

ida corr koncert

With a background as a musician, I love good sound and fab music! Jabra invited us to an exciting event where, among others,  Ida Corr talked about her experiences with music and sound, Christiane Vejlø told about the latest trends and coach Sara Beck talked about how music can motivate when training, and I MUST listen to music for example when I run, it gives me  an extra kick: D. Tech gear is now no longer something that only interests men, as Marketing Director Suzaan from Jabra told, the modern, busy woman also wants to have fab, attractive and functional gear. And it’s so true!

I have become a mega fan of Jabra Soulmate, which right now is in my kitchen. A wireless small speaker that I switch and connect via bluetooth, with my phone when I go out and cook. And bam, I’m hearing my favorite music, while I’m chopping vegetables, perfect :) . It’s also gonna come a long on my summer vacation, so we can watch a movie on the computer with good sound and on the beach when we have ice cream and a swim.

On the whole, there were a lot of interesting products that are also wireless, which is so awesome, so you do not have to hassle with a cord, Eg. Jabra Sport Wireless + when you run, a pair of wireless headphones, smart! No need to struggle with a wire that swings back and forth. Or if you are often in the car, then the Jabra Freeway, would be handy, as you can answer calls with voice commands, stream podcasts and get GPS guidance through it.

After the exciting lectures, beautiful Ida Corr played some numbers and we had a great time with delicious food at the Toldboden. I´m going to explore  Jabra some more, and I look forward to taking my mini speaker with me to Greece :)


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