14 Jul 2015

Stuff I Like – Sunglasses, Peonies & Allergy Certified Nail Polish

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dolce gabbanna sunnies

Pæon, Pæoner, peonies, peony flower, pantone, pantone kort, pantone colours,

Peonies are just beautiful! Both when they are blossoming, but also while they are still closed. I love to take pictures with them and have recently bought a stack of Pantone cards on Amazon, where there is a color that is dedicated to the pretty flower, Pantone 15-1816 Peony.

by k neglelak

These cute nail polishes are from ByK, which not so long ago, have had their lacquers Allergy Certified. They are the first nail polish brand in the world that has achieved the allergy certification. Primarily because the lacquers contain no perfumes, formaldehyde or other known allergens.


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13 Jul 2015

Estelle & Thild – Fresh Water Lily

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Estelle & Thild Fresh Water Lily

Estelle & Thild Fresh Water Lily body care, Estelle & Thild new body care

Estelle & Thild Fresh Water Lily beauty blogger

Estelle & Thild has quickly become one of my favorite brands in the bathroom. The new body care series comes in 4 different scents. I have tried Waterlily and it’s just so lovely! A gentle and fresh scent of flowers. The Body Scrub melts on the skin and exfoliate the entire body. After the bath, it’s time for Body Lotion, if you want even more moisture, it also available as Body Butter. I change a little between the two, depending on how dry my skin feels. If you’re looking for a delicious organic body care series, then I think you will enjoy this one. Next time I would like to try Sparkling Citrus Bloom, I love citrus scents too. Find the new series here.

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09 Jul 2015

Curling guide with ghd Curve creative curl wand

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I get many questions about my hair and how I do my curls. By nature, I have curls and frizzy hair that require a lot of moisture and care. My own curls are a little samller, but I love big bouncy curls, therefore I digging the ghd’s creative curl wand! It is super easy to use and is ready to use within 10 seconds. I always use Heat Protection before I begin to style my hair. It smells so good and is suitable for all hair types.

I put my hair in a few sections, so I can more easily manageable how far I’ve come and get around all my hair.

ghd CURVE CREATIVE CURL WAND, ghd krøllejern, ghd krøllestav, ghd ny krøllejern, ghd krøllestav, krøller med ghd, curls with ghd, ghd curlers, ghd curling wand

Then it’s just game on and get curling. Start with a small section at a time and twist it around the wand from the scalp and down. There is a rubberized tip that does not get hot, here you can hold it with your fingers. Depending on how thick and receptive your hair is, hold the curl between 10 to 20 seconds. Gently twist the hair out of the bar and let the curl cool down. Resist the urge to comb out the curl. Allow it to cool completely before touching it. That way you maintain the elasticity.

how to use the new ghd curlers, sådan bruger du de nye ghd krøllejern, tutorial ghd curls

Then just do the next section.


Once you have curled all the hair, just wait 5 min. till it’s all cooled down. Since I have thick hair, I enjoy collecting my curls with some hair cream. I have found that mixing ghd Smooth & Finish Serum and Straight & Tame Cream gives a good result in my hair. A pump of each, which I heat and mix in my hands, then I hug it into my tips while I at the same time separate the curls, so they are not as “pretty”.

ghd CURVE CREATIVE CURL WAND curls, how to with ghd CURVE CREATIVE CURL WAND, lav krøller med ghd

Ta daa here’s your fab curls! And it takes no more than 15-20 minutes. Find what I used right here:

ghd curve® creative curl wand

Heat Protect Spray

Straight & Tame Cream

Smooth & Finish Serum

Paddle Brush

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08 Jul 2015

Sneak peek doing curls with ghd Curve

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ghd curve® creative curl wand, styling med ghd curve, ghd krøller

Join me tomorrow when I’ll show you my favorite curling wand from ghd Curve! They have made 4 different kinds, and I’m in love with creative curl wand!

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07 Jul 2015

Just take an ounce

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boohoo vest, dolce gabbana solbriller, ootd

boohoo vest trench, boohoo blogger, boohoo trench sleeveless trench

Kira jumpsuit an ounce, an ounce jumpsuit, buksedragt an ounce

dolce gabbana solbriller, D&G sunglasses, D&G solbriller, EYewear dolce gabbana

modeblogger københavn, fashionblog, hvidt outfit

Jumpsuit: an ounce – Vest: Boohoo- Sunnies: Dolce & Gabbana – Shoes: Asos

My favorite trench vest at the moment, put together with this fab jumpsuit from An Ounce which is on sale now! I love the croco print are on the top and that they are high waisted. Considering shopping one in black too :) . Another new number are my D&G sunglasses, that have the most beautiful ornamentation in the form of a bling bumblebee on the side.


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