15 Apr 2014

Carte Noir Nespresso Event

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Satinato carte noir nespresso

Lungo Fragrante carte noir nespresso

It’s great to start the day with a nice cup of coffee! Carte Noire hosted a event the other day, a French breakfast at the Hotel d’Angleterre, croissants and a lot of coffee, of course ;) . They presented and we tasted the new flavors, my favorite is number 07 SPLENDENTE, made ​​from Arabica beans that are roasted at a moderate temperature to create a delicious medium strong intensity. I mostly drink latte, but it was refreshing to taste the coffee without milk. If you are like a mild cup of coffee or even stronger, there are 8 different flavors and strengths.

A sweet french man told us about coffee culture and diversity between France and Denmark. In France, they typical start the morning with a strong small espresso, they would never walk around like we do, with a latte in a “to go” cup. I kind of like a latte on the go ;) . I must taste the various new espresso capsules some more and maybe try to make a cake with a little strong coffee.


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14 Apr 2014

Hair makeover by Ofias

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It’s really rare that I go to the hairdresser, last time was 1 ½ years ago. Mostly because it never gets quite the way I wish it to be, and they always cut too much off. So I was excited when I was going to get a hair makeover by Ofia! I have met Ofia a few times, at different events, cause besides having her own salon on Frederiksberg , she is also a hairstylist for ghd.

Ofias fab salon is super lovely and cozy, right in the middle of Frederiksberg Allé . I started of by showing her some hair inspiration that I had fallen in love with. Golden stripes, without it being too red and a Hollywood haircut. And luckily Ofia was completely in on it :) .

I had quite a long outgrowth from some old home dyeing and worn out ends, as it had been quite a long time since I had been to a hairdresser. Ofia started doing two kinds of stripes in my hair. I had never it tried before! After a lot of stripes, my outgrowth had a little extra lightening, so the stripes would blend in more naturally into the rest of my hair.

Now for the haircut! Ofia herself has beautiful long hair and fully understood, that I diden’t want not much taken off. On the other hand I my ends were pretty worn, and it is the first time, that I am super happy getting my hair cut :D . My ends were corrected and at the front she did some layers, so now I can do the  side swept bangs when I want to, but I can still get it behind the ears.

I  also tried some new hair products that Ofia recommended for my hair. Philip B Detangling Mist, which contains vinegar, the smell is not wonderful, but it goes in and seals the hair’s pH value. Then Milkshake Conditioning Whipped Cream, this smell is on the other hand so delicious, you ‘ll really want to eat it! It’s a leave- in conditioner foam, specially designed to condition the hair.  For the finally, my new favorite hair product Oribe Dry Texturing Hair Spray. Instead of backcomb hairing your hair, spray this into your hair, and it gives volume and fullness, it is fab!

Yay, I’m so happy with my new hair and next time it won’t be 1 ½ years before I go to the hairdressers . In a few months I will certainly stop by Ofias again, and I can really recommend her salon if you are looking for a skilled hairdresser in Copenhagen. See more on Ofias website here.

P. S. Ofia finished off my hair, by styling it with a ghd styler, you can win one on the blog right here.

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11 Apr 2014

Win a ghd styler @ Birds of Paradise

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It’s weekend and I’m gonna celebrate it, with a fab giveaway for you! ghd has just launched their new limited edition collection, called Birds of Paradise :) . Two super beautiful stylers, in lovely shades, Sunset and Lagoon.

Sunset changes between purple and violet, while Lagoon changes from blue to green. Perfect colors for your summer wardrobe! You can see how I’m doing two different kinds of curls with a styler here and here.


A ghd styler from the Birds of Paradise Collectiont, value 1499 DKK.

How to join:

1. Follow Delancefashion on Bloglovin ‘here and Facebook here, thanks so much :) .

2. Tell me what styler you prefer to win, Sunset or Lagoon?

I’ll draw one lucky winner on 27th of April. Good luck and have a fab weekend :D

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10 Apr 2014

H&M Conscious Exclusive 2014 Event

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Last week I passed by H&M’s showroom, and had a lovely breakfast from Atelier September and a look at the Conscious Exclusive 2014. It is in stores and online from today! Really fab qualities and styles :) . Delicate white lace dresses, that are perfect for either a wedding or communion. Long galla dress, which I’m looking for at the moment, cause I will be going to the Danish Beauty Awards! Did you get your hands on anything from the collection? See more pictures here.

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08 Apr 2014

Beauty Box: Wavy Festival Hair with Artist Wave Maker

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Are you going to a music festival this summer? :) . I do not know if I’m going yet, but if I am, I will definitely make this look! Fab waves in your hair and of course some flowers ;) . The look is easy to make and keeps well for several days, you can freshen it up with some dry shampoo, it’s only cool, if it looks a bit “messy”.

I have used:

OBH Artist wave maker

Matas Salt Water Spray

John Frieda Secret Agent

How to do:

1. Part your hair into small strands and squeeze the wave iron around the strand. Starting from the top and down. Hold for 5-10 seconds at a time.

2. Once you have made waves throughout the hair, they just need to cool slightly before separating them.

3. Spray some salt spray in your hair, that way your waves get more structure.

4. Finish off with some Secret Agent cream, apply only at the tips, so your waves looks perfect.

5. Add some flowers in your hair and you’re ready to party and go to a music festival ❤.

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